XCOMPUTE-SERVER hosts a team's numerical systems and algorithms (aka simulation) and performs all heavy computations using CPU and GPU cores. As changes occur, updates are pushed to all network-connected clients.

XCOMPUTE-CLIENT is a free interface for team members to access and control simulations over LAN and WAN. The standard xc::io protocol transceives messages such as graphics to be rendered in shader pipeline.

Xplicit Computing's Objective Massively-Parallel Unified Technical Environment

Unification across finite methods and types: FDM, FEM, FVM, LBM, level-sets, mesh generation, and more.

Bringing deep integration to CAE via advanced compile and runtime techniques in C++20 and OpenCL1.2.


  • Hierarchy - organize projects in a tree to arbitrary complexity

  • Regularity - standard interfaces and parallelization conventions

  • Modularity - reuse and expansion of components for dev and end-use

Nouns and Verbs

  • System  - an object that manages data, geometry, and attached algorithms

  • Algorithm  - a function that operates on a system or other bound arguments


Our novel libraries and applications leverage well-established and patent-pending Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) abstractions to unify all fields of numeric computing, featuring functional polymorphism, template meta-programming, recursive lambdas, static & dynamic code generation, and dynamic dispatch on parallel computing devices. The art is in abstracting an elegant basis set of software building blocks with unbounded potential - a first for scientific computing.


Teams can purchase an xcompute-server subscription based on project requirements and available resources. Currently, the following xcompute-server licenses are available:

  • EDUCATIONAL - academic foundations (1M elements per system, non-commercial use only)

  • STANDARD - startup essentials (10M elements per system, 2 hr/mo engineering support)

Note: client-side software is free; number of systems per host are effectively unlimited; binaries are optimized per license type.

Libs and Apps

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