Server Command Line Args

For normal interactive mode, simply launch: xcompute-server <optional.cfg>

Batch mode allows processing of multiple input files in synchronous mode, returning when done.

batch syntax: xcompute-server --batch <arg> < ... >

if an option isn't specified, defaults are pulled from local file compute.cfg .

If no config file is present, application preset defaults are used.


useful commands:

[--help] CLI batch mode help

[--info] current server info

[--config | --configure] open and edit configuration file for server 

[--batch] pass one or more files into synchronous server mode 


meshing options:

[-e | --estimate] estimate job time, seconds

[-i | --inside | --interior] include interior mesh domain (SDF < 0, default)

[-o | --outside | --exterior] include exterior mesh domain (SDF > 0)

[-n] node count, requires integer argument (e.g. -n20000)

[-b] background resolution, requires integer argument (e.g. -b1000000)

[-c] iteration count, requires integer argument (e.g. -c500)

[-s] element surface-volume size ratio, requires float argument (e.g. -s2.2)

[-r] element size growth rate, requires float argument (effective farfield variance e.g. -r2.7)

[-p] element size growth curve exponent, requires float argument (0=constant, 1=exponential, 2=Gaussian, e.g. -p1.5)

[-x] set x bound minimum to 0, useful for x-symmetry about origin

[-y] set y bound minimum to 0, useful for y-symmetry about origin

[-z] set z bound minimum to 0, useful for z-symmetry about origin



estimate batch job: xcompute-server --batch -e -n20000 -b4000000 -c300 file1.stl -n100000 -c500 file2.stl

execute batch job: xcompute-server --batch -n20000 -b4000000 -c300 file1.stl -n100000 -c500 file2.stl

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