Unlimited Clients!


Send your colleagues, clients, and contractors a link to your centralized simulation. With our free lightweight client, everyone can interact in real-time (leveraging your compute and their render resources).


Apply and leverage the latest in CFD and FEA technologies, unleashing the power of the modern computer! This new advanced computing platform will accelerate your innovation and provide new insights to physical mechanisms!


More importantly, it will integrate your team's CAE data seamlessly across disiplines.


Spend most of your time generating a good analytical mesh? A new native mesh generator easily creates highly-computable meshes in seconds or minutes.


All-new Lattice-Boltzmann Method unleashes LES/DNS simulation to resolve incompresible fluid phenomona! (coming in late 2019)


Advanced FEM continuous Galerkin delivers 2nd-order accuracy, allowing you to solve thermo-elastic stress problems in seconds or minutes.


Conservative FVM with AUSM+MUSCL flux reconstruction delivers 2nd-order accuracy for compressible thermofluids, with realtime results. Converge to machine precision in minutes.





SKU: xc-std
    • Essentials of CFD, FEA, and Systems
    • Solve up to 10,000,000 elements with 2nd-order accuracy
    • Compatible with almost all CPU and GPU



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