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Invite your classmates and friends to your centralized simulation.

Interact in real-time by leveraging your computer's GPU!


Learn and apply the essentials of CFD and FEA, unleashing the power of the modern computer! This new advanced computing platform is a powerful tool to tackle real-world engineering challenges!


Problem generating a good mesh? A new native mesh generator easily creates highly-computable meshes in seconds or minutes.


Advanced FEM continuous Galerkin delivers 2nd-order accuracy, allowing you to solve thermo-elastic stress problems in seconds or minutes.


Conservative FVM with AUSM+MUSCL flux reconstruction delivers 2nd-order accuracy for compressible thermofluids, with realtime results. Converge to machine precision in minutes. RANS k-omega and k-epsilon turbulence models.






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    • Essentials of CFD, FEA, and Systems
    • Solve up to 1,000,000 elements with 2nd-order accuracy
    • Compatible with almost all CPU and GPU



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