Client Installation

  1. Download and unzip xcompute-client-*.zip . Navigate to this folder.

  2. Prerequisites (as required)

    • install OpenGL drivers for your GPU render device.

    • install Qt5 and change QtLibPath in client.cfg to the plugin directory

  3. Optional run in-place: ./xcompute-client

  4. Install to computer: sudo ./install-xcompute-client

Server Installation

  1. From command line, run ./clinfo to verify OpenCL device drivers

    • install or modify OpenCL drivers as required

  2. Download and unzip xcompute-server-*.zip . Navigate to this folder.

  3. Copy your xc-license-* file into this location.

  4. Optional run in-place: ./xcompute-server

  5. Install to computer: sudo ./install-xcompute-server

Network Configuration

Hosting xcompute-server over LAN

  • no changes required: access via xcompute-client login on the local subnet

  • example: ./xcompute-client --> login: someone@

Hosting xcompute-server over WAN

  • enable router port forwarding to the local host's address

  • example: forward port 11235 to (using TCP)

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