Graham was honored to be a NASA Advanced Modeling & Simulation seminar speaker in 2018


Xplicit Computing Inc strives to make advanced computing tools (used in science & engineering tasks) more accessible to everyone -- novice and advanced, big and small. In order to develop high-performance software enabling the sharing and reuse of systems, we applied principles of modularity, regularity, and hierarchy to a fresh C++/OpenCL codebase. Our team is dedicated to building powerful numerical tools by leveraging new static and dynamic language features for host and device processors. Leveraging local compute and render resources fundamentally changes data organization, team interaction, and the design of complex systems.


Founded in 2014 by propulsion scientist and system architect Graham J Orr, Xplicit Computing is powered by a core team of engineers, also leveraging ongoing academic and industry collaborations with graduates and post-docs from leading research institutions. Industry partners extend our applications and ability to serve real people and situations, while academic researchers keep us relevant to evolving methods. The company maintains long-term American and international alliances in aerospace and energy sectors.

Our team members are fearless masters of modern C++, numerical methods, differential geometry, and similar fields. Aerospace and energy system applications on the horizon require mechanical and thermofluid expertise. Our teams are small and our members commit to a several-year grand challenge as part of our start-up. Many already demonstrate major contributions to the field and continue leading.


Current opening are limited so if you have something special reach out to us, or we'll just hope we can find you!

Graham J Orr presenting at ICCFD10, Barcelona 2018.

Note, Mr Orr currently does not work for nor represent NASA.


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