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End-to-end high-performance computing for FEA, CFD, and Systems




Advanced Computing on


Leverage parallel compute across Intel, AMD, Nvidia, or any OpenCL device;

As needed, XCOMPUTE dynamically assembles, compiles, and executes hybrid OpenCL programs on your CPU and/or parallel compute devices.

Numerical Super-Code

A giant leap in heterogeneous computing technology; applies modern software and hardware paradigms to yield a real-time framework everyone can apply to their projects.

"As someone who is coming from the other side of the process (helping humans build mental models with which they can solve problems computationally!), I think of your effort as a crucial one to bring the full power of computing's tools and capabilities to a place humans can productively leverage." - Zachary Dodds Harvey Mudd College, Dept of Computer Science

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We had a blast at Space Access 2019! What an honor...

"I think if I were rating 'what’s the most advanced at Space Access' I’d put [xcompute] as number 1."-Dr David Livingston Transcript

Graham's SimLogic Blog

Unofficial bits and bytes of aerospace and computing


  • Multi-physics (solids, fluids, ...)

  • Multi-domain (str'd, unstr'd, ...)

  • Multi-fidelity (0-D, 1-D, ...)


  • Multi-device (CPU, GPU, ...)

  • Full parallelization

  • Dynamic modeling


  • Systems hierarchy tree

  • Server-Client protocol

  • Universal OpenCL code

Debut of the world's first true Integrated Engineering Environment (IEE)


Built with C/C++14 and applying the latest design paradigms, XCOMPUTE is a state-of-art numerical platform for scientists and engineers. A new industrial infrastructure and toolset for systems spanning low to high fidelity...

The ONLY industrial systems technology enabling end-to-end workflow across different disciplines (gases, liquids, solids, electronics...), whilst dynamically compiling and deploying optimal OpenCL programs to any co-processor device. This enables teams of users to build complex systems, apply models / algorithms, and interact in real-time using GPU compute and render!





Iron Man's Jarvis was an awesome fantasy.


XCOMPUTE is an awesome new reality.

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